2016 Corvette z07 Specs, Engine, Convertible

2016 Corvette z07 Specs, Engine, Convertible

It is reported that Chevy is going to replace the previous z06 model with new 2016 Corvette z07. This new model will show elegant look and spacious interior. The design of exterior side will be changed to bring some changes. Some rumors show that upcoming model will possess advanced safety features. Based on this information we can claim top position for this model in the market. Company aimed to add new style for front side. We can expect the release of this model next year.

Exterior specs and design of 2016 Corvette z07

On the basis of visual details, we can expect best modifications. It will look unique in its shape and design. Company is going to prepare this vehicle from aluminum material. However carbon fiber material will be used in tires. This vehicle will come with larger wheels equal to 17 inch in size. We can expect the presence of Michelin tires and Brembo brakes in this vehicle. The exterior of this model will show different color schemes and designs. The consumer will find option to select his desired version with ease.


2016 Corvette z07 – interior

Just like outgoing models, the interior of this vehicle is more comfortable for driver. The interior of vehicle is leather wrapped. The possible interior features include steering wheels, two color screen, leather seats and driver cabin. The head up display is also suitable for passengers. The infotainment system will make the entertainment perfect. The interior of 2016 Corvette z07 will possess best amenities for passengers. In order to entertain the passengers, we can expect speakers, LCD, Wi-Fi and touch screen keypad. The space between seats is also sufficient to stretch the legs.

Safety options and competition

Like other vehicles, 2016 Corvette z07 model will also possess numerous safety features like airbags, seat belts, alarms and satellite navigation system. The interior and exterior locks are also present. The presence of rear camera will provide best rear view. The big competitors of this model in the market include Mercedes Benz.

Engine specs and options

The engine of 2016 Corvette z07 is 6.2 liter V-8 to power the vehicle. This engine will deliver the power around 600 horsepower. The presence of seven speed manual transmission system will also make this model perfect. In comparison to previous models this vehicle will show best values of torque and power. This turbocharged engine will generate maximum power. It will acquire the speed of 50 miles within six seconds.

Fuel economy

As compared to other models like Z06, the 2016 Corvette z07 is more fuel economical. The fuel economy is due to presence of 6.2 liter engine and aluminum material. The trials showed the value of fuel economy around 23 MPG.

Price and release date

The release of 2016 Corvette z07 vehicle is expected in Detroit auto show in next year. The ceremony will held to introduce this model in front of public. The information about price is not available but we can expect the price of this vehicle around 79,000 dollars on the basis of current news.

2016 Corvette z07 Specs, Engine, Convertible